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Bawidamann, gorgeous blade. Also, and interesting use of paracord inside and outside of the handle, as opposed to completely around.

Bawidamann Blade POGN not a fan of the blade but WICKED cool paracord

Sure would like one of these tanto folders.

Warren Thomas knives the green one!

RealG4Life : Фото

Silenced revolver shotgun, a popyclypse must have.

Truque : Photo

Truque : Photo

piston tail lights

5 Custom Tail Lights You'd Surely Love

Cool idea for truck lights                                                                                                                                                      More

Cool idea for truck lights Aerial & Scissor Lift Training Every type of Lift Training-Online www.

2 entry squirrel house we just ordered 2 of these for the baby squirrels my mither in law rescued and we released in our yard:)

Squirrel house and suirrel feeder pictures by knwoodworks.

Israeli Tavor bullpup

/// IMI Tavor /// I chose this due to its short size, full sized barrel, ambidex capability, mag and ammo accessibility and rugged piston design.

1'' Wrench Karambit Knife by RavenStagDesign on Etsy

Wrench Karambit Knife by RavenStagDesign on Etsy Más

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