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a cartoon character sitting at a table with the caption happiness is starting a new book
The Happy Page
Does it get any better? #HarlequinBooks #FortheLoveofBooks
a man holding a purple stuffed animal on top of a tv set with the caption, what the hell is wrong with your?
jeff dunham peanut quotes - Google Search
a cat that is looking at the camera with captions in spanish on it's face
Sleepless In Chicago
the words i'm not as okay as i pretend to be on a black background
Picture by - Inspiring Photo
but sometimes I am ok...I'm figuring out what is ok and what isn't...give me time. Ultimately, I believe it's all ok, or at least going to be!
an abstract painting with multiple colors and patterns on it's surface, including the reflection of people in water
Beautiful Oil Prints of Disney Princesses by Heather Theurer — GeekTyrant
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