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someone is holding a piece of cloth with scissors on the table in front of them
someone is using a sewing machine to sew something on the paper that says, trucorana costrecci
the video is showing how to use yarn and scissors for sewing projects, such as crochet
someone is holding a piece of paper with the word algere el dia on it
a black and white checkered shirt with a brown button up on the left side
❤️이것만 알면 무엇이든지 고쳐 입을 수 있어요!가장 필요한 3가지 방법!!!
a person holding a pair of red scissors in their left hand, with the blades still attached
✋ No YouTuber has introduced to you the uses of this hole. Please watch the following sewing tips
Sewing Machine, Easy Sewing, Audio
someone is stitching fabric with needle and thread on the sewing machine in this video