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A Taste of the Earth: raised bed is done... with amenities LOVE LOVE LOVE this raised bed!!
building a perfect raised bed @Shari Brown Brown Brown Burkey @Amber Sweaza Would be great for gardening!
DIY Raised Bed Vegetable Garden for under $24 each « Modern Bushman
Kill weeds 1 gallon vinegar, 1 cup salt, 1 Tbsp dish-soap. From what I read, the vinegar with kill the weeds, and the salt will prevent growth in the future. Best for cracks in the the driveway, etc…Do not use on windy day, block good plants with piece of cardboard. Warmer the better.
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Mosaic garden border technique - use flexible edging to pour concrete (section-by-section) embedding decorative goodies as you go - when one section cures, remove the flexible edging and reuse for the next section.  via 7dach
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