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Sports-related eye injuries most common among kids | CNN
Mark Boucher on eye injury in Sports
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MomsTEAM Institute on X
Moms Team Huffington Post
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Health Beat: Stem cells for sports injuries
Stem cells for sports injuries
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7 Surprising Sources of Running Injuries
One of these is frequent texting! 7 Surprising Sources of #Running Injuries | Runner's World
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Beat the Heat: Keeping student-athletes safe during the hot summer months
Photo: Associated Press file
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University medical project uses new technology to analyze high school athletes injuries, performance
Matt Krempholtz with University of Rochester Sports Medicine watches as Brighton High School junior, Austin Carr, does a single leg jump. (Photo: Lauren Petracca)
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Reuters | Breaking International News & Views
New guidelines for athletes competing in the heat.
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An Athlete Felled by Concussions, Despite Playing a ‘Safer’ Sport (Published 2015)
The case of Curtis Baushke, who was knocked unconscious three times in 14 years while playing soccer, highlights the risks beyond boxing and football.
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Early Specialization: Nine Reasons Why It Is a Bad Idea
Early #Sports Specialization: Nine Reasons Why It Is a Bad Idea Read more:
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MedlinePlus: HealthDay articles and videos display for 90 days
Many Young Football Players Get Concussions at Practice, Study Says Limiting player-to-player contact may reduce risk of head trauma, experts say
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USA Football
Datalys Center concludes two-year youth football player safety study commissioned by USA Football | Youth Football | USA Football | Football...
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Daily RX
How do reduce your risk of getting injured in sports. Reducing sports injuries: #sports #injuries #dailyRx
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Recent work has identified deficits in dual-task gait balance control for up to 2 months after adolescent #concussion Free article:
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Concussions and Head Injuries in Youth Hockey | TeamSnap
Concussions and Head Injuries in Youth Hockey | Episode 19 | TeamSnap Youth Sports Podcast | TeamSnap | TeamSnap's podcast for parents and coaches involved with kids sports offers advice about providing supervision, leadership and guidance for young competitors.