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idea: make several of the small leaves with tails, then bundle the tails and use them as padding cord for a stem This is a link to hundreds of charts

Irish crochet motif diagram

TRICO and CROCHET-madonna-mine: Applications for Russian or Irish crochet patterns-A,


free crochet diagram - Как вязать бабочку How to Knit a butterfly pattern

diagram 44

Irish lace, crochet, crochet patterns, clothing and decorations for the house, crocheted.

Crochet Flower Butterfly Patterns Dresses by RussianCrochetBooks, $6.99

Duplet No. 96 Russian crochet patterns magazine - The dresses on the cover are designer's, for inspiration only. There are no templates. Modern Russian language crochet magazine with a lot of patterns and pictures (color and BW).