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an open book with drawings of women's faces
Marini - Libreria Marini
LIONNI Leo, "Per grazia ricevuta". Milano, Grafica Uno, 1966. 22 litografie fustellate in nero raffiguranti 22 diversi profili femminili (cm 17x14; 17x9,5; 17x11). Edizione originale di 1000 es. numerati e firmati dall'Artista (Original edition of 1000 numbered copies signed by the Artist)
an open book with writing on it next to a hand holding a pen and paper
All of us strangers journal art collage
I made this collage in my journal after going to see the film all of us strangers i loved the lyrics they use in the film so wanted to create a peiece of art that captured the fear & sadness but also the love
three houses made out of paper with the words make an accordion zine about what home means to you
Accordion Zine Workshop at Richmond Art Gallery