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Svetlana Evgenevna
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История моды в картинках: Америка двадцатых годов -

How to Be a Flapper Girl. Being a flapper was a trend in the Roaring Twenties, where some women rebelled against some of society's strict expectations of females. Flappers were women who liked to be "in the now styles and fads", and.

Лук для автоледи 1910 года

1910 Women's Day Outfit "Motor Duster" look, involved "shaggy coats" to wear light-weight coats designed to keep the dust off their clothes. Also the veil over the large hats for style but mostly for the dirt to get out of there eyes or faces.

Пины для Вашей новой доски - - Почта Mail.Ru

The Women's Motor Corps of America provided a way for women to participate in the First World War. Taking advantage of the advent of the automobile, women volunteered as drivers and provided transport services at home and abroad

Old Matchbox Labels Japan Cat

Old Matchbox Labels Japan Cat / The cat says,"I'm looking forward to coming to our cafe" .The long neck in Japanese means " How I long for that time to come"