John & Jane - branding on Behance

The new brand for John & Jane Event Support is energetic, dynamic. The ambience comes from the electric blue, the sparkling silver and the dynamic symbol.

Rust Espresso on Behance

With today’s growing wave coffee movement, Rust Espresso continues to elevate coffee connoisseurship to a different level. Farm Design leveraged the brand focus on its strong heritage and local Buffalo, NY roots.

SBT – Marketing Kit and Catalog on Behance

Catalog and marketing kit for a big engineering company.

Trash Calendar on Behance

Every calendar day is a new trash bag. Every month is a roll of 30 or 28 trash bags. The Calendar consists of 12 rolls and is divided into 4 quarterly sets with 3 months-rolls.

Plug-in Social. Branding on Behance

Plug-in Social.

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