Traditional mooncakes for Chinese Mid Autumn day

Chinese Mooncakes—Traditional Version

Recipe: homemade mooncake filling... done from scratch! Lotus paste, red bean, black sesame. A chapter from my 5-part mooncake baking saga.

Recipe: homemade mooncake filling… done from scratch! A chapter from my mooncake baking saga.

Baked Matcha Mooncakes 抹茶烤皮月饼 - Anncoo Journal

It has a mild matcha fragrance and pair well with red bean paste.


Gongzai Mooncake or Doll Mooncake (公仔月饼, 香化饼)

Baked Chocolate Mini Mooncake Recipe

Since my first attempt of baking mooncakes was so successful, I decided to go for another try. I always craving for chocolate stuffs unti.

home made lotus paste

Homemade Lotus Seeds Paste (家居自制莲蓉馅料)

INTRODUCTION I swear that I never like lotus seeds in desserts, not even until now… But it is very strange that I like lotus seed paste. i personally found that commercially sold lotus seed paste …

广式五仁月饼——超详细改进篇 - 玉池桃红 - 玉池桃红的博客

广式五仁月饼——超详细改进篇 - 玉池桃红 - 玉池桃红的博客