Cute Favor Basket Tutorial

May Day Favor Baskets

This is the closest picture I could find of the May baskets mom would make. She would gather crepe paper and put around a milk carton and we would fill with goodies and take to school and exchange in the classroom.

Письмо «Мы нашли для вас новые Пины!» — Pinterest — Яндекс.Почта

I love how these crepe paper artichokes turned out. The pliability and soft colors of the Carte Fini crepe paper gives it a very organic and yummy feel. Don’t they look like they came straight from my garden? / Фото #78 - ТЕМАТИЧЕСКИЕ из КОНФЕТ (2014) - jozefina-sweet / Фото #78 - ТЕМАТИЧЕСКИЕ из КОНФЕТ (2014) - jozefina-sweet