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Break into a favorite fat quarter bundle and make a splash! This quilt flows together easily with no Y seams! Finished quilts measure: Baby 40 inches by 44 inches Lap (cover image) 49 inches by 68 inc

Circa 1820--Фотохостинг - хостинг фотографий (изображений)

Фотохостинг - хостинг фотографий (изображений) This is Russian for "photo hosting" with no information regarding era of fashion. I'm guessing early via the satin shoes .

omgthatdress: Dress ca. 1820 via The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Dress France Cotton gauze and cotton bobbin net with wool embroidery and silk satin trim LACMA Shawl India Goat-fleece underdown (cashmere wool) interlocking twill tapestry weave LACMA