Сиреневый свет над Италией

Beautiful sunset over river Arno in Florence, Italy - Been there! Gotta watch from Michelangelo's piazza - so incredible!

Зимняя Венеция

I love this photo of the venice canal with snow. I've been to venice and its a beautiful magical place, but the water is a bit smelly at times.

Озеро в Италии

Lago di Olginate, Italy Photograph by Stefano Anghileri A layer of low clouds covers the alpine valleys of northern Italy, just south of Lake Como. The clouds are just dense enough to hide uniformly.



Луна над Венецией

Луна над Венецией

Горы Италии

World’s Most Impressive Buildings - World’s Tallest Museum, Turin, Italy

Снежный вечер в Италии.

Winters night over the town of Verona in Italy.it's so beautiful. I wonder if the people who live there appreciate how beautiful their city is?