Катя Останина

Катя Останина

Катя Останина
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"What was found by the humble peasant when asked for help from the starry sky, the power to protect your people that started the House Butterfly." Based on the queen illustrated in the Star's Histo...

"With hunger and disease the Strange Queen has ended, Through the soups and spells she always defended " I'll summarize her story in topics: - Daughter of Skywynne, Queen of the Hours, Soupina had .

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"An explorer like her mother in the seas of Mewni ventured, In navigations that by the Star of the Queen were guided." Her name is a reference to the North Star, commonly used by navigators. The wa...

Twenty-second Queen- Heaven the Scared. A scared and lost child, found in the forest her jail. Only a flame that does not go out to illuminate her dark trail


"After a long night, always before sunrise, a single star gleams. This is the legacy of the Stars Queens". Daughter of Usagina the Dancer, she was the first Star Queen of the Butterfly family.

"The sweet princess trained for queen and knight, decreed that henceforth her family would learn to fight". Etheria was the Queen of Day. Her name is reference to the Greek primordial god Aethe.

"Through the darkest depths of night, Not a whimper was exclaimed. For every soul felt safe, Led by the light of her flame." Polaris, the Guiding, was born during the Monster Wars set in motion by .