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They are seen exploring on their own or climbing confidently...

For the past three summers, photographer Izabela Urbaniak, from Lodz, Poland has been capturing images of her children enjoying the pastoral splendour of the Lugowiska countryside.

Izabela Urbaniak

I Capture Colorful Moments Of My Kids Spending Idyllic Summers Without Computers

Izabella Urbaniak

Lodz, Poland-based photographer and mother of two Izabela Urbaniak takes beautiful pictures of her children with their cousins and friends as they spend their care-free summer days in the Polish countryside in Lugowiska.

Лето в деревне в фотографиях Izabela Urbaniak

Since Isabela Urbaniak has been creating a series of photographs called “Summertime” which depicts children enjoying their school holidays in the tiny village of Lugowiska, Poland