hood types || Know the shape you want before you cut!

tumblingmagpie: “ jennascosplaytips: “ Found this online. Great for those who are drafting hoods. Hoods are one of those finicky things to draft if you never drafted hoods before. Example Cosplay: Attack on titan capes ” I find this more.

Съемный меховой воротник с платком. Хорошая идея).


Add belt loops to back of recycle fur collar and string through a beautiful scarf.

Just tutorials: Scoodie with free pattern

Brain Clutter: Sewing pattern: Scoodie (scarf with a hood). Link to pattern in the comments

ГОЛОВНОЙ УБОР ИЗ КАПЮШОНА. Идея из рубрики «все гениальное просто».

Шьем и переделываем-3

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Berets are showing up in fashion again, and hats are always a good upcycle use. I've got a couple of wool jackets and skirts that are asking to be hats!