Ольга Белосохова

Ольга Белосохова

Ольга Белосохова
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Decoration Techniques for Monochrome Work | jenallenceramics

Recently, I've been decorating a lot at the greenware stage. My monochromatic work involves layers of slip trailing and carving underneath a series of celadon glazes. Here are some images that sho.

The icing on the pot! Pottery slip decoration that creates texture

Slip decoration has been a favorite surface decoration method for many years and, over time, gravity, began to play a large role in the way I

Excellent slip tutorial

There are so many methods for decorating pottery with slip - from slip trailing to mishima. Today, I am presenting another super fun slip decorating techni

DIY button stamp tool tutorial – great for pottery, polymer clay, play dough and plasticine

Learn how to make your own texture tools with this DIY button stamp tool photo tutorial - great for pottery clay, polymer clay, play dough or plasticine.

See this Instagram photo by @marika_keramika • 109 likes

Marika Akilova - love the texture and organic look of her work