i'd give it rounder corners and nicer wheels and a fancier paint job but the basic idea's a good one

DIY wood stroller plans (just round off all those right-angle corners and leave natural)

Хранение книг в маленьких квартирах - Реактивные хозяйки

Mesa de Entrada para Criança ou de Alimentação ou year old child table design can be used to feeding, play and learn, children grow up, this table can be a coffee table with, as well as a place to put the book it! Japanese o-jj studio humane design.

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The so-ro cradle rocks the child in a forward manner, like we rock babies in our arms. The cradle helps babies get to sleep quickly and is a more comfortable movement for the baby than sideways rocking.


Leaning storage shelving - great idea to line up in basement for toy storage and perfect for kids' playrooms.

Infinidad de juegos con los balancines Cavalcade

Infinidad de juegos con los balancines Cavalcade

Cavalcade Rocking Animals For Kids. Cavalcade rocking animals were built with no glue, nails or screws so it's a much safer toys for kids.