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Mosaic paradise, Ravenna, Italy

Mosaic paradise in San Vitale. The old Ostrogothic capital Ravenna, Italy is a jewel of mosaic art from the and the centuries. Eight sites in the city are registered on the World Heritage List. One of them is Basilica of San Vitale, finished in 546

7 Things to do for stronger knees. These are good if you are recovering from a knee injury, or preventing one.

7 Things to Do for Stronger Knees by homemadebyjaci: & are some ways to build your knees, and make them stronger, so that you are able to do all the things you want. These will help if you are healing from, or preventing a knee injury.

and Isis the resident owl sent out a screech so loud that it reached Special Ones in tents, huts, and mansions everywhere...

Fancy Tree House, had to cut a limb off the tree so he utilized in into making the door. He said entering it was like returning into the womb, you have to bend down and lower a shoulder. photo via rebeka / wood yeah