I always hated all the wasted space under stairs.especially like the open shelves & the bed (great for a guest "room" spot under stairs in a finished basement) & the.well guess I really like them all! Wish I had stairs!

embroidered hands for family christmas gifts

Showing Off

Embroidered family hands - Great idea for Mother's or Father's Day, or even for grandparents.

Attic library - LOVE.

Attic Idea: I love the idea for an impromptu library. Good use of space if you don't have an extra room in your house for one.

DIY Chair Covers

DIY Chair Covers DIY Projects This is also the Tutorial Website no longer exists. Have made Dining Room chair covers, so I do not have to dust them often, only use the Dining Room about 10 times a year. Shame on me for being lazy.

Children will need clothing to go outside in all weathers - so we'll need storage for that clothing!

Welly storage from Millwood Education Más

Door Whisperer. This one is on etsy for $9.99, but I know I could make it myself.

Items similar to Door Whisperer - no more noisy door latches on Etsy

Topo de bolo by Rosely Pignataro ...

Decorando com pinhas

Loved painting pinecones as a kid. Such a striking look!

Как сделать кровать — подиум своими руками | Квартирный вопрос


How to make a bed - a podium with hands

Организация хранения дома: советы + 96 идей для вдохновения the-pled.ru

Tips for Organizing Pots and Pans

Фотография: Кухня и столовая в стиле Современный, Советы – фото на InMyRoom.ru

U shaped kitchen

Гениальный способ обогреть практически любое помещение

Гениальный способ обогреть практически любое помещение


Ironing board hanging on coat hangers framed with molding. Of course, I would actually have to put the ironing board away for this to make sense

Досталась малогабаритная однушка, много мыслей и вопросов... | Идеи для ремонта

Досталась малогабаритная однушка, много мыслей и вопросов... | Идеи для ремонта

(+1) - Покрывало на диван своими руками | СВОИМИ РУКАМИ


prevent the cat claws or puppy paws

Гирлянда из фетра. Украшение комнаты своими руками

DIY Christmas Ornament I make it with paper- it's easier and looks much better. Another idea- make of these and attach them in a circular formation to make a paper snowflake!