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Tom Hiddleston.... Twelfth Doctor, please? OH MY GOSH THAT WOULD BE BRILLIANTLY FANTASTIC

'Thirteenth' Doctor, please? Please tell me you can picture this. He would be one of the best doctors ever. With the perfect balance of Funny, witty, and feels, he would be an amazing choice.

"I present to you the world's most adorable gif. In which Chris Evans gets scared by Tom Hiddleston and Tom Hiddleston gets scared by Chris Evans." ♥ <---- I see the "left boob grab" by the adorable Chris Evans!

Tom Hiddleston. #ISawTheLight Via Torrilla.

Tom Hiddleston Rodney Crowell photographed by John Shearer at the 'I Saw The Light' press day on October 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee Via Torrilla

Um.. Yes, please.!

Tom Hiddleston for the Doctor! Actually him in just about any movie is amazing.then again, he is so talented he could be filmed reading a phone book and it would be amazing. <--- WOYLD BE THE BEST THING EVER

Tom Hiddleston. #ISawTheLight Via Torrilla.

“Tom Hiddleston and Rodney Crowell photographed by John Shearer at the press day on Oct 17 via torrilla”

Loki throughout the Avengers movies...

love that you can actually see the transition in Loki's character.but I believe Loki has grown and changed more visibly than Iron Man or Thor in their movies. Credit to great acting+his hair grew

Avengers: Age of Ultron. Loki???...maybe... Source:

hiddlestonadmirer: “ velvet-muffin: “ “ lokiwholockfactory: “ graymindlove: “ zhora-salome: “ insanely-smart: “ “ “ I guess behind heimdall, he seems to be Loki, looks like.