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The stereotype that cultures only eat food that is associated with their culture. This stereotype has been seen in Asian cultures with rice, American culture with burgers and hotdogs and even hispanic cultures with tacos.


Make the promise to yourself, to Never EVER speak to your children in a way that you wouldn't want to be spoken to. No matter how irritated you get or exhausted you are, keep your temper low, you'll thank yourself later.

In many cases of Domestic Violence the women is scared of talking for many reasons including threats from her husband. Thats what this photo represents with the mans hand covering the women's mouth. End sexual assault forever at http://www.fuzeus.com

Are You An Abuse Magnet? "In my counseling and coaching work I’ve observed 13 traits people possess that make them more vulnerable to being abused.

Just because s/he smiles, doesn't mean it's real. Sadly, this tends to be the face of abuse #abuse #thefaceofabuse

this is when you beat the snot out of the person who hurt you & if you can't your friends do it--then put the scum in jail so he can get a new girlfriend

Crying doesn't fix anything, so bandage it up, dust yourself off and crawl back fighting.-Me ☺

I love the contrast of light and dark in this photo. I also love the symmetry that the shadow creates (a line down the middle of her face) Also, I love close ups on emotion, this draws in the audience and makes them feel the emotion.