Easy DIY Crafts You Can Make With Things Around The House

Easy DIY Crafts You Can Make With Things Around The House

Шкатулка в форме сердца из бобин от скотча | Самоделкино


Recycled Tape Roll Made Into A Hesrt Shaped Box For Valentine's Day vashesamodelkino.

Amazing Jewelry Box! I have an abnormal collection of puzzle boxes, and I dont have one of these yet... wtf

Jewelry Box, Rosewood and Maple, 'The Helical Box'. It gives me a great inspiration for future boxes!

9 Free DIY Jewelry Box Plans: Jeff Greef Woodworking's Free Jewelry Box Plan

Jewelry organiser box like this (like the one Jemma has) would be good! Finger Joint Jewelry Box - Jeff Greef Woodworking The sides look like the stitches on a baseball

DIY Ring Holder: Since all the tutorials I found meant a LOT of cutting, rolling and gluing, I decided to do it MY way. Repurposed materials: a cheap sponge, a discarded tin & fabric scrap. Actually used my fingers to tuck the fabric instead of the knife as shown. Didn't bother with glue.

DIY Ring Holder - repurposed materials: a cheap sponge or piece of foam, a discarded tin, fabric scrap, glue (optional, works without). Formula for fabric size: fabric Width by D+D+L+(number of slits X fabric Length.