Воздушные петли из корсажного шнура на регилине

Sewing lovers Club season-a site where you can learn all about sewing-Aerial loop of cord bike loop

hoe mooi en makkelijk

Don't care for the hairclip, just the little ribbon rose. But how do you make the center?

Link no good but pic.s are pretty self explanatory - DIY T-shirt Felt Artwork.

Make Wind Chimes (20 DIY tutorials

DIY T-shirt Felt Artwork. ◦a t-shirt % wool felt in a few pretty colors ◦small patterns of the shapes you want to cut out ◦a sharp scissor ◦pins ◦a sewing machine or needle and thread You can use wool felt or other materials.

Great use of bias strips on the neckline of this navy polo.

CJ Laing seersucker gingham, I love the feminine style to this perfect to dress up for work or down on the weekends!