Olga Panasenkova

Olga Panasenkova

Olga Panasenkova
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Bruno Munari, Design as Art 1966 --- This cover depicts icons which grab your attention and give you an idea about what the book might be about. The font is nice and bold so it is easily visible at a small scale.


I think this is a neat idea-- but I do not necessarily like the image choices. They don't work together immensely well -- don't get me wrong;

beautiful mountains, always so blue | @oozefina #sunday #mood #mountains

El Aurens 21 x ink on paper, Kevin Lucbert, This is a really great example of heavy constant marks being used to create an image across the entire page.

#Graphic #Design for Direction Education by @Grapheine — #Branding

Tasked with harmonising school and after-school communications, we've created a fun and playful toolkit of materials, including a logo, pictograms, illustrations and a bespoke typeface.