Соnstanzа Shаrоnda

Соnstanzа Shаrоnda

There are shhit_ton of women arooound you that waannaaa fuuuuccckk.. Doubt? Register here and see for yourself...
Соnstanzа Shаrоnda
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This is a updrade part for the Velleman printer. It replaces the stock Z-axis nut holder. The stock holder has some backlash creating some pr

Even discarded keys and coins can be turned into beautiful art with some creativity and the right sort of know-how. Michael (or Moerkey), an artist in Australia, does exactly that, turning discarded keys and coins into bottles, lampshades and other beauti

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Make a stained glass garden spinner Source A bit of garden whimsy . made of bottle caps Source Recycle Plastic Bottle.

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