Space for a clothes hamper and shoe rack next to it. underneath the dress hanging section.

Yeah umm I ahave to many clothes for this one lol is ready have part of this set up in my closet. may check into this a little more! Make the most of closet space with wire shelving and accessories. You can outfit an entire closet in one morning.

35 идей, как сделать маленькую гардеробную

If you have extra "stuff" this is a great solution. IKEA bookshelf with tension rod and curtains. If the buyer wants it as part of the transaction, it does not have big financial consequences.

Гардеробная Эльфа - основные элементы.

Expert Advice: 5 Ways to Turn Unused Spaces Into Functional Storage

A complete wardrobe revamp. Any girl would love to walk into their room on Christmas day and see a brand new wardrobe. As long as you know what you’re buying and you keep their old clothes. And the receipts. I’ll do a post on clothes to buy teen girls later.

Over 100 Gift Ideas For Teens

Внутреннее наполнение встроенного шкафа купе в гостиную

Внутреннее наполнение встроенного шкафа купе в гостиную

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Good idea for covering the master bedroom closet. Add wicker baskets to hide pants etc on shelves.

Practical Storage Ideas For Handbags

Practical Storage Ideas For Handbags

Hooks on coat closet door for storage/carry bags. Hooks on utility door for shopping bags.