11-11-11 This cape, or suba, is a traditional garment of Hungarian shepherds, 1840-70.

Hungarian suba, traditional cape of Hungarian shepherds, leather and fur .

Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna at the Winter Palace Costume Ball of 1903.

Tsar Nicholas II's sister, Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna Apr 1875 – 20 Apr of Russia at the Winter Palace Ball of After the fall of the monarchy in February 1917 she fled Russia, eventually settling in the United Kingdom.

Princess Maria Pavlovna Chavchavadze (1876-1958), wearing a boyarina costume

Princess Maria Pavlovna Chavchavadze she died in Dorset, England in She is shown wearing a boyarinya costume.

Suba Gyapjúfonállal embroidered "vócos suba" (south of the Danube and Tisza in 1970-80s)

This cape, or suba, is a traditional garment of Hungarian shepherds. The embroidery and leather appliqués are characteristically Hungarian.

Count Alexei Alexandrovich Bobrinsky (1852-1927)

Count Alexei Alexandrovich Bobrinsky at the last costumed ball in the Winter Palace, held on 13 February He was the great-grandson of Catherine II and Grigory Orlov

Rus Viking.

The ancient Russian warriors. The second half of X century. Reconstruction based on Gnezdovo burial Smolensk region.

Оригинал взят у narvasadataa в Русское средневековое вооружение. Украл у aquilaaquilonis Ледовое побоище Новгородцы времен Куликовской битвы. На основе фресок церкви Успения…

cape is nice, detail is nice, hat not too flattering

Княжна Елизавета Николаевна Оболенская фрейлина в костюме боярышни XVII века.-Princess Elizabeth N. Obolensky maid of honor dressed as young ladies of the XVII century.

Fancy dress of Princess Elizaveta Obolenski for the 1903 costume ball in the Winter Palace

Countess Zarnekau Agrippina , nee Princess Dzheparidze wife of Prince Konstantin Petrovich of Oldenburg . dressed Boyarina 17th century.

The Countess von Zarnekau née Princess Agrippina Konstantinovna Djaparidze. She was the morganatic wife of His Imperial Highness Duke Konstantine Petrovich of Oldenburg