Garden Dragonflies Made From Recycled Spoons

Recycling spoons, into dragonflies. What s beautiful idea! Can find them cheap at thrift store, instead of destroying family airlooms! Great for scattering the birds from the garden!

Never thought of this, GENIUS!!!

when nurse's garden they do a gtt irrigation *source is the urban farm and garden* Más

Запеченная цветная капуста с сыром и чесноком

Запеченная цветная капуста с сыром и чесноком

Cloud Pruning "The owner of the garden has turned one shrub into several small balls. It took him 6 years to achieve this."

cloud tree - these are really topiary of many different types of tree/bush - best to visit the nursery website of specialists. They will need annual pruning to keep the shape

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