My dad celebrated his birthday just a little over a week ago and we had a few guests over at our house for dinner. I have tried to compile a list of all the essential dishes at the dinner incl…


Julienne – Mushrooms in Sour Cream & Bacon Casserole: This one is another Russian favorite for special occasions, and conveniently very easy to make.

pirozhki (14)

Pirozhki - bun stuffed with meat. I would use a more interesting meat filling, but I want to try this.


Felt like taking a little culinary adventure. These bad boys are native the Crimean region and most ex-Soviet states. When I was little, we would get these from street vendors in Russia.


Borscht – Russian Beet Soup This dish is one of the staples of Russian cuisine, and it seems it has gained some popularity in the West as well.

Печеночный торт с морковью и луком

Печеночный торт с морковью и луком

Russian Liver Cake Paleo

My favorite liver recipe is a Layered Liver Cake. It's a traditional Russian/Ukrainian dish. It is often served as an appetizer on various celebrations.