a few great pics

Lily Elsie was a popular English actress and singer during the Edwardian era, best known for her Pretty hair jewelry and necklace. Looks a lot like Rachel Weisz

surf sirens, manly beach, new south wales, 1936

Surf sirens, Manly beach, New South Wales, Australia vintage female surfers summer fun pose bikini babes history Sydney surf culture surfing girls surfers wave riders salt surfboard sun sand sea & fa

Biba suits, 1960s

BIBA fashion vintage style tweed pants suit vest jacket tie women shoes hat photo print ad models magazine Love it. I just started wearing ties.

1930s bathing beauties

bathing beauties// Q: Why did the faces of women change so much since then? Ever notice that? More integration between various races/nationalities as time went by? I notice this more in the caucasian photos.


Inspiration: Most dieselpunk fashion for females seems to be limited to pin-up models, flappers, aviatrices, and soldiers (most of them over-sexed). How's a gypsy for different inspiration?

1955 Nina Ricci

1955 Nina Ricci vintage maxi-dress with a striped skirt. Black and white fashion photography

Summery pink sweetness, 1954.

Photographed by Tom Palumbo Irving Penn's Monkey An image from Harper's Bazaar circa The great model Anne St. The monkey, as it turns out was a gift for her friend, Irving Penn.