Child Workers before labor laws

Young oyster shuckers, Port Royal, S. - Child workers before Child Labor Laws. Thank God for child labor laws!


Achomawi smiling 1910 Native American Indian - Old photos maareta. This is a cradle board. They are still used by some Native American women to this day. That is a scary pic with the baby propped on the chair!

Interesting historical photos,

Interesting historical photos, part 6

A caricature sequence of posed joke photographs showing five stages of putting on a crinoline, ca. I've always wanted to wear a hoop skirt!

Photo by Lewis W. Hine

child cotton picker // lewis w. hine // ca.I picked cotton 'till my fingers hurt, dragging that sack through the delta dirt.

Back stage at the burlesque club, circa 1950

Back stage at a burlesque club, circa 1950 What I love is Le Figaro is the socialist paper, which means that this stripper is an intellectual. That is so French.

1911, Niagara Falls freezes over

Viral Images of Emaciated Fashion Models: Real or Fake?

Lewis W. Hine, 5-year old Harold Walker picking cotton, 1916

old Harold Walker picking cotton, Comanche Co. OK, by Lewis Hine 1916 harbor during school hours.


I wanted to show you how I have already lost 24 pounds from a new natural weight loss product and want others to benefit aswell. - tornado and lightning in Rome Ga. tornado and lightning in Rome Ga.


File name: Title: Indians Creator/Contributor: Jones, Leslie, (photographer) Date created: 1917 - 1934 (approximate) Physical description: 1 negative : glass, black & white ;

Girls riding on Sheep by John Drysdale

brendan-i-am: homelustdesign: Girls riding on Sheep by John... (ADORED VINTAGE

Girls riding on Sheep by John Drysdale. Lynda Salmon and I used to ride Marigold and Droop Droop like this, funny days.

The child of a KKK member touches his reflection in an African American police officer's riot shield during a demonstration. [1992]

A small white boy touches the riot shield of a black state trooper at a Ku Klux Klan rally in Atlanta, Georgia, 1992 Hard to believe this was taken Raising children in hate.