Olga Ryabinina-Kleyman

Olga Ryabinina-Kleyman

Olga Ryabinina-Kleyman
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teething chart...

Chart showing when babies' teeth come in- although, this isn't for every kid. Ardy had the first bottom two teeth at 4 mo, and if this chart is right- she may already have all her teeth! i can't get her to sit still o count them

breastfeeding and pumping station at airport

— A Burlington company has opened its first breast-feeding and pumping station at Burlington International Airport, hoping to replicate the experience at airports and workplaces across the country.

25 Children's Books That Depict Breastfeeding - Mothering Community

Mama's Milk : Michael Elsohn Ross, Ashley Wolff - great book which gives scientific info on mammals (including humans) and how their babies nurse their "Mama's Milk" (Held the attention of both my 3 and 6 year old!

Poderosa lactancia

“Yo Mama” breastfeeding her daughter while sitting with her teammates from the Anarchy Angels Roller Derby Team (photo by Russ Desaulniers) via Avital Norman Nathman.FEARLESS & a Beautiful way to show her baby that MOMS are rock stars too!