Olga Azarova

Olga Azarova

Мама, жена, женщина. Люблю Уральскую природу. Озеро увильды дарит такое умиротворение и покой... Люблю животных, всех жалею. И, работаю дома, и счастлива этим.
Olga Azarova
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Fold up doll house at http://snippetsnscraps.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/gillians-show-and-tell-pieces.html

Doll House Book DIY - book folds flat for storage and opens up to make lots of different rooms in doll house - brilliant When I make this I will have a the fridge oven cabinets bath tub open up so you can play with the dolls

Ponteira Borboleta provençal - Dellicatess for Babies

Ponteira Borboleta provençal - Dellicatess for Babies.

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