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14 Pins
a poster with an image of a world in the middle and various objects surrounding it
Monday Morning Design Inspiration — Smashing Magazine
an advertisement for the new art festival, with colorful geometric shapes and numbers on it
Дизайн постера | Poster design
two people standing in front of a laptop computer with an image of a car on the screen
Mario Wagner | Illustration
an image of a boat in the ocean with text overlaying it that reads art setouchi
two men playing musical instruments in front of an abstract background
a poster that says fly me to the moon
MATHIEU PERSAN - Illustrations
an advertisement for voyager in the outer planets, with space shuttles and saturn
Космос и Астрономия on Twitter
the poster for see the milky way in national monument, an international dark sky park
What Makes A Star Starry? Is It Me?
an old fashion magazine cover with two men in top hats and tails on a horse drawn carriage
Жизнь и творчество Людвига Хольвайна