Is it just me or has Zara been pretty on point lately with their embroidered pieces?

Cozy Embroidery

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Zara floral embroidered sweater

We love this jumper by Zara The oversized floral embroidered sweater is a MUST HAVE for this fall.

"A cheeky peep at the delicious structural knit by Cari+Carl - gorgeous statement scarves & shawls by Cari Morton. Now officially in stock at Snug."  Interweave Shawl:

Knitted Textiles Design - structural knits with two tone connecting chain link pattern; textile surface design for fashion // Cari Morton This is knitted but could easily adapt for crocheting

color + texture

Interesting mix of knit texture stitches. Notice how the stockinette patch pooches up, because all the garter-based segments around it work up to about the same gauge but the strockinette is "taller"

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Как составить полноценный гардероб для маленькой модницы? Очень просто: нужно иметь пару-тройку юбок и брюк и много-много самых разных кофточек-толстовок, свитшотов, пуловеров, лонгсливов и кардиганов. Теплых и потоньше, сшитых или связаных, немарких сереньких и нарядных, щедро украшенных аппликациями и вышивкой. Для этого совсем не обязательно потратить кучу денег.

Baby sweaters and swiss shirts - simple, beautiful and fashionable - Fair Masters - handmade, handmade

Jean Paul Gaultier's Dress - kniting & crocheting (Jung Hwa Yoo posted on FB) bb

How beautiful is this? [Knitted/crocheted dress by Jean Paul Gaultier] Ms. Von Teese needs to hunt her friend Jean Paul Gaultier down and make him give her this sweater.