Oleg Bessonov
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TTW Audio Jelco Super VTA "do it yourself" Upgrade

This is a direct Jelco fit, no arm or mounting modifications required. Benefits: Updates and replaces factory VTA system and dramatically improves the tone a.

The Pixel - LED Keychain Flashlight » Review

The Pixel is a precision crafted LED flashlight designed for hard-use everyday carry, and is small enough to attach anywhere for the ultimate in convenienc

Curta mechanical calculator.

Curta Mechanical Calculator, a small, hand-cranked mechanical calculator…

HIGH-END PALACE - Reel to Reels [Nagra T-Audio two-track/stereo reel-to-reel open-reel audio tape recorder]

Nagra TA master tape recorder, designed for precision editing and synch to movie sound tracks. This one has red colored custom-finished reel hubs.