Художник Валерий Барыкин

Plot: " New year "Weeping willow"", Year 2012 (December)

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☺ Soviet Posters Restyled in a Modern Manner by Valery Barykin. Valery Barykin is an artist who works in the pin-up style and gets inspired by old Soviet posters.

За новые встречи!, Illustration © Валерий Барыкин

Known for his unique style, Valery Barykin’s prints contrast the aesthetic of the beloved American Pin-Up culture and its heightened sexuali.

Потрясающий советский пин-ап | Creu

Valery Barykin — worx - Awesome illustration from Russian illustrator Valery Barykin juxtapose modern editorial and soviet posters styles at once.

Художник Валерий Барыкин

Художник Валерий Барыкин

В бананово-лимонном Сингапуре., Illustration © Валерий Барыкин

Absolutey Stunning Artworks And Funny Soviet Posters In The Pin-Up Style By Valery Barykin

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vintage everyday: Soviet Pin-Up Style – 45 Fun and Flirty Images from the Merging of Soviet Social Posters with American Pin-Up Art

Valery Barykin #PinUpGirls

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