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Live stitches from the last row of a sleeve for a folded / turned hem on the WS: sewing tidily & nicely. => grafting to row ~~ Use for collar / neck


Maybe cut up a felted jumper to make this, or if you have the patience, pick up the stitches (unfelted) and cast off . could even crochet into the cut edge (Knitting Relay). Add a pretty shirt to complete the look!

yuki fujisawa sweater

Í þessu tilfelli er notast við fatalit sem málaður er á peysuna eftir á.

Сумочка театральная Гузель Бакеева

Wonderful Purse--Soft With Beautiful Beading Accent-Lovely Clasp Closure-- this beautiful creation looks like it belongs in a museum somewhere or the Smithsonian!

Knit bolero

I wonder if I could find a pattern for this. Can't afford to order it! Link takes you to a page where you can buy it. Description: Hand Knit Sweater Knitting Knitted Cardigan Crochet Border Jacket Sleeve Bolero Shrug Made to Order

Yuki Fujisawa series2014

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