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Эклектика (трафик) / Вышивка / ВТОРАЯ УЛИЦА

Go out and set a new trend with this stylish and pretty embroidered shirt with turn down collar. Set a new style girl! Details: - Tops - Floral - Embroidery - Turn down collar - Vintage - Smart - Fab

You might want to think about incorporating small amounts of upholstery fabric too

Great for a large, overwhelming pattern---ndalia Fashion - Asian and Italian fabrics combined with Italian tailoring

Dior 1948 The best pencil skirt ever! The cut of that back!

Sherlock Graves' Costume - Sherlock Holmes (because she's technically joining the "dress up as your namesake" squad) - She'd probably wear a trench coat like dress but with her usual flaring skirts and unusual patterns

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Indalia Fashion - Asian and Italian fabrics combined with Italian tailoring. This would be a great way to repurpose fabrics !

Creative Shirt Collars | Bored Panda

Creative Shirt Collars

Fine Art Collection gorgeous white Shirt with yellow tiger butterfly collar · PurpleFishBowl · Online Store Powered by Storenvy

Amazing Neoprene Coat

USING SEAM ALLOWANCES TO SUPPORT SILHOUETTE: In a bid to remove bulk from garments we often try to create patterns with less seams and less seam allowances but there are also times where the positioning of seams, and their seam allowance values.

Origami belt by Freak Factory. This accessory is built up as a modern belt, which consists of many folded-up origami style ornaments. The shape of the belt frames up the hips. This accessory may be tied up both at the front and back.