Оксана Фёдорова

Оксана Фёдорова

Оксана Фёдорова
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Action Poem, "Pancakes" to go with If you Give a Pig a Pancake. Rusk: I can create questions to go with poems found (and used) from thios page. If you write questions, will you please let me know so the work is not repeated?

Lent & Shrove Tuesday - A simple PowerPoint to help explain about Lent and Pancake day.

A simple power-point to help explai n about lent and pancake day. For an idea on how to use… I used a picture of a pancake and glued it in the children’s books and asked them to write what they would give up for Lent and then decorate the pancake.

Pancake word tracing. Click through to the website for the printable.

The youngest children will be able to have a go at this pancake finger tracing worksheet before colouring in the picture. Start on the dot and then trace in the direction of the arrow - first with your child's forefinger, and then with a pencil.