Лайфхакер подготовил для своих читателей инфографику, которая поможет любителям вин разбираться в них лучше.

Brandy and Wine. Check Out The Article Below For A Great Source Of Wine Tips. Wine is a fairly vast topic. Keep these tips in mind to ensure your next experience with wine

Merlot #infografía

I prefer white to red wine but if I go red, I go Merlot. The tannins bother me in many reds but for a treat now and then, I'll pour a glass of this!

Well, there's always a mimosa, so maybe you can have wine with every meal.  Whew, I was scared for a minute!!!

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dusunuyorumoyleysevarim:    İçelim,  içimizi sulayalım,  umutlarımız yeşerene kadar.

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Don't drink and drive!

IN VINO VERITAS ("In Wine There Is Truth") - custom recycled license plate art sign by wine barrel wine cork custom word art

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