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Beautiful Masking Fluid With Watercolor Painting Projects
Discover how to master masking fluid in watercolor painting with our expert tips and techniques. Masking fluid is a valuable tool that allows watercolor artists to protect areas of their paper from paint, creating crisp lines and vibrant colors. Learn how to use masking fluid effectively, including which types to use, how to apply it, and how to remove it without damaging your paper.
an open book with watercolors and pastel pens on it next to some flowers
Silver Linings Sketchbook in France — Ohn Mar Win Illustration
Loose Watercolor Fruit Painting
Watercolor painting tutorial: beautiful pears in real time with Ohn Mar Win
France Multimedia Sketchbook flip through
Loose Watercolor Peony Florals Process Video
Learn to paint in a loose watercolor style with Ohn Mar Win. Sketchbook artist, educator, and illustrator making videos about watercolours, sketchbooks and a creative life. Author of Go With The Flow Painting
someone is painting flowers with watercolors on paper
ohn_mar_win on Instagram: I’ve be dreadfully busy and so close to completing a huge project that’s taken up much of my energies. And there’s still the upcoming…
a watercolor painting of a duck swimming in the water
a white and gray cat laying on top of a blue pillow with its eyes closed
Скетчбук. Запись со стены.
So many different ways to paint these flowers! 🌼🌸
Paint a Strawberry Jam Jar with me! Etsy link in Bio!!
How to paint a fig | @SummerSunHomeArt
Adding Oil Pastels to an Elephant Bug Watercolor Illustration !!
Loose Watercolor Fruit Painting