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a blue and white web page with money symbols on the bottom right hand corner that reads innovation blockchain payment system
Blockchain Website Landing page Design
an image of a website page with a man in a suit and tie on it
Sex & Death - Sucks To Be a Straight Guy
super cool online magazine, each story has a different look ...
a screen shot of the contact form for an email to someone who is on their phone
Contact - Also Design, Also Illustration, Also Animation
Great example of a conditional contact form on the new Also Design website, click around and watch how the options change. Easy to do with gravity forms for WordPress.
an image of a group of people sitting around a table
I'm usually not a fan of big images and full-size websites but this is fantastic. Maybe just because the peach from the image extends into the header, gorgeous.
a resume with different types of references
neat timeline built with lists // the site has some really cool details
an image of a website page with the text'no more mobile '
No more 'Mobile' by Jim Ramsden
Really starting to like the responsive 'mobile' menu design for desktop - great example.
an info sheet with different types of web pages
Parabo Press: Homepage
Simple sales page...
an image of a website page with buildings in the background
Door Sixteen
Door Sixteen, love the logo!
an image of a desk calendar with notes on the front and back side, along with other items
presentandcorrect.com - love the nav, tabs and colors...
an image of a website design for a clothing store
a stallion blazer.
Love the little sidebar in the content area -
the homepage for creative spaces, which is designed to look like an old building
- Creative Spaces
the website is designed to look like it has been created by people in bathing suits
http://www.cape-arcona.com 2009
the website for foodie is displayed in green and orange colors, with images of different foods
a web page with an image of two people playing guitar and singing to each other
Boompa Records - Independent label from Vancouver BC
an image of a web page for a music festival
Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival – Manchester, TN | June 13-16, 2024
http://www.bonnaroo.com 2010