Moscow, 1969

Phone Booth - a thing of the past (Love the girls tights with the crotch creeping down - used to drive me nuts as a kid)

Red Square, Moscow, 1960

Red square, Though this is before I was born, I remember those dresses and stocky figures, could have been my gran and auntie visiting Moscow.


"Youth and students festival on the streets of Moscow" Mikhail Trachman

moscow 1970s

Panoramio - Photo of Москва 1970


Photos of Soviet Union in 1954 by Henri Cartier-Bresson. Henri Cartier-Bresson was the first Western photographer to be admitted to the Soviet Union after the death of Josef Stalin, in

in the soviet union days

RT ‏ Classic Pics "Destroy the German beast!" A poster in Leningrad, December 1941