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Cover art by Max Bertolini for the June, 2004 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. Reminds me of an alien Mount Rushmore.

Soviet space posters. Glory to October! 1960 - Inscriptions in the ornamental scrolls at the bottom of the October Revolution anniversary poster read, respectively, “October Proclaimed the Beginning of a New Era in the History of the Mankind,” and “The Country of October Brought the World into the Era of Space Exploration.”

Up for Bids: Classic Soviet Space Propaganda Posters. Science and communism are inseparable! That is the basic message of this amazing collection of Soviet space propaganda posters.

Posters de propaganda del Programa Espacial Soviético

Posters of the golden age of Soviet cosmonautsVia BBC “Five decades ago the Space Race was being vigorously fought between the Soviet Union and the US. For a time the USSR seemed to be winning and it.