Whale softie

Awesome DIY Inspiration: Sew a whale toy from denim jeans - A Designer Life Create this amazing DIY whale soft toy by sewing old denim jeans fabric! Want fantastic ideas concerning arts and crafts? Head to my amazing website!

DIY Felt Vegetables

DIY Felt Vegetables

Lily Pond Play Mat

Playmat - Wet Felted Lily Pond Play mat- imaginative play number song 5 frogs or 5 ducks!

I love this for so many reasons!! I want to make a felt book like this for M, but I also think it would be fun to have a bunch of different types (3 ea?) of flowers and veggies for her to "plant"

Pull up the carrots and beets! bubbles+bobbins: Activity Book (aka Quiet Book): Garden, Barn, & Apple Tree Pages

Felt donuts

Variety of styles of Felt donuts (jelly, French, sprinkled) by Milkfly on Etsy…

baby quilt

Fabric note book page quilt.great idea on a smaller scale for a fabric journal page! This would be a great idea for a baby blanket from a big brother or sister.

Fun for kids. Play food.

Comfort Food exhibit from the Jealous Curator - & if you will a spacious, white walled gallery with polished wood floors. A knitted cupcake? A felt Egg McMuffin? Some crocheted sushi? You betcha!

knitted fish

for the kids who are tired of sock creatures, because every child loves cuddling with fish.

I love this! What a perfect solution for a play kitchen when you don't have room for one - fold it up and put it in a drawer when your done

Great idea chair cover play stove oven kitchen set You could purchase a plain Linen chair cover and add on the details.