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Fun DIY Counters for Math and sorting and patterning activities

Идеи для занятий с детьми: Роспись осенних листьев

Nature has always been my favorite canvas. I live in Southern California, and although there’s not an abundance of leaves to paint there are still options that don’t include palm fronds.

Skeletonization of leaves - the process simple, but requires patience and accuracy. All you need is: leaves (better to collect the autumn, then they are more dense), baking soda and food coloring.

30 идей как сделать осенние поделки для сада из природных материалов

Love this DIY leaf bowl idea! It's almost fall and we're always looking for new and inexpensive ways to keep the kiddos entertained. Click through for more gorgeous and fun fall leaf crafts for kids!

It started as a tree, then a paper bag, now a tree again.

DIY: Tree from paper bag. This would be great as a spooky tree for Halloween. Would use a black bag

"Vekoria" - творческий стеллаж Виктории Сокур: Изделия из веток "Ягодки"!!!

"Vekoria" - творческий стеллаж Виктории Сокур: Изделия из веток "Ягодки"!!!

Изобр по > Осенние Рисунки Детей

Изобр по > Осенние Рисунки Детей

Осенние поделки в детский сад: 10 идей для родителей и детей | Hand made | КРОХА

Use beautiful fall leaves as canvases for doodle designs. Press colorful finds inside a heavy book for about 10 days, then draw on them with metallic paint markers. To add a bit more strength and shine, seal the finished leaves with Mod Podge.

Vekoria.Handmade decor for home

Handmade decor for home

поделки из осенних листьев - буквы

поделки из осенних листьев - буквы