Imágenes q me inspiran y provocan que me ponga rápidamente a crear o componer.
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a drawing of a woman standing in the rain with an umbrella over her head and eyes closed
¿Sólo llueve sobre mí?
a drawing of a woman wearing a space suit and holding a pink object in her hand
Texturas And Fondos - #15
a woman with flowers in her hair and the words spring is here on it's side
a woman holding a frisbee in her right hand and writing on the back
I am the Source of my own Power
a woman sitting on top of a tree with stars in the sky above her head
Good word for Monday #8
an illustration of a woman's face with leaves and stars in the night sky
Horoskop: Diese 3 Sternzeichen haben die beste Woche ihres Lebens
a black cat is standing in front of an abstract painting with flowers on it's head
Michela Picchi - Ilustración
an illustration of a woman holding a cat in front of plants and flowers on the ground
Las chicas de Petra Braun - Esto no es arte
a woman with her hands on her head
Colores, sombras y mucho té: Petra Eriksson, entre Estocolmo y Barcelona