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Emulate those Pumpkin Spiced Lattes with The Naked Candle Co. Created with warming clove, nutmeg, and rich pumpkin, this double wick candle gives you that extra punch of warming fragrance. Hand produced in Manchester, this is festive number is perfect for the Autumn months.
If you go crazy for the festive scent of cinnamon, then you need to get your hands on this candle. A part of scent giants, Diptique, original candle line, it has a blend of dry, spicy tones that really get those sense tingling. This is the perfect transitional candle to get you excited in the run up to - dare we say it - Christmas.
Get that pumpkin spice feel, all without the heavy price tag. @IKEAUK's Pumpkin and Orange scented candle is a great way to get those autumnal senses flowing on a budget - it's warm, spicy and delivers a beautiful orange glow to the room with it's bright glass casing.

Hotlist: Top Autumnal Candles You Need In Your Life.

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If you're craving some warm and hearty sweet things right now, then why not try your hand at baking? From cinnamon rolls, to apple pie there are SO many autumnal goodies you can whip up to help keep you cosy this season. There really is something extra comforting about all those warm spices - pair them with a pumpkin spiced latte and you're all good to go.
If you're in need of some new, warmer essentials, then nows the time to thrift your way into a new wardrobe. Why not make a day of hitting up your local charity shops and seeing what hidden gems you can discover. Not only is this a more sustainable option than ordering new clothes, it's also a great if you're keeping an eye on your pennies, like so many of us are at the moment. Trust us, you'll be surprised at what treasures you can find.
If you're lucky enough to live near any areas of nature, then make sure you take advantage of this beautiful season while you can. There really is something magical about all those golden, rusty leaves changing day by day, and seeing them up close and personal, makes them even more special. Head to your local woodland area and get your shoes muddy - your body and mind will thank you for it later.

How To Have The Ultimate Cosy Girl Autumn.

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With the symbol of the Libra scales in mind, there'd be no better costume option that the iconic Elle Woods, from Legally Blonde. Grab your best pink dress and curling wand and you're ready to get all dolled up. What, like it's hard?
Everyone's fave rock chick, Miley Cyrus, is our Sagittarius costume of choice. The December born babe has many iconic looks to choose from, and we think this grungy, edgy look would make the perfect costume this Halloween.
Sassy, sexy and sensual, your halloween costume has to match the mysteriousness that comes with your star sign. Fulfil all your elusive auras by dressing up as Killing Eve's antagonist, Villanelle this Halloween.

Your Halloween Costume Based On Your Star Sign.

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Let’s finish with the nation’s favourite surrogate grandad, David Attenborough. Beginning with his ‘witness statement’, A Life on our Planet looks at his lifetime in broadcasting and how the world has changed over that time. He talks so passionately about nature, wildlife, and the landscapes of our planet, and will inspire you like nothing else. If you loved Blue Planet, you’ll adore this.
This one’s heavy for sure, but it’s perfect if you want that stark wake-up call… or if you know someone who needs it! David Wallace-Wells writes about all the things that could happen if we continue as we are. Some of them are wildly unexpected, and will leave you feeling determined to see change happen.
Norwegian writer Maja Lunde is the queen of dystopian climate fiction. This first in her groundbreaking series of climate novels is all about – you guessed it – bees! Bees are super important creatures in the fight for our planet, but they are in rapid decline. This gorgeous novel takes a look at how much we rely on them, and what happens if they disappear.

Watch, Listen, and Read About the Planet.

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The ultimate cosy number. If you find it difficult parting with your dressing gown on a morning, then this is the coat for you. Keep the coldness at bay and feel snug AF, all whilst looking super chic. We'd pair with our fave straight leg jeans, Docs and a tee and cardi combo for the perfect winter look. @nextofficial
Faux leather + shearling lining = HEAVEN. We're in love with this biker style jacket that gives alllll the rock and roll vibes, without leaving you shivering away mid November. Throw on over your fave Christmas dress and you'll be the belle of the ball (AKA your Xmas party). @topshop
@sweatybetty always hit the nail on the head when it comes to a combination of sporty and stylish. This throw on waterproof parka is great for any cold gym sessions or wintery walks that you may find yourself on. Not to mention the essential hood - don't get caught with wet hair this winter!

Top 5 Winter Coats You Need This Season.

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If you're looking to indulge in the pure joy of a brownie, then this is the bar for you. This is the perfect healthier alternative to your fave dessert - they only contain 1.5g of sugar, and yet they taste just as gorgeous. These bars are designed to be good for your gut - which is a total added extra.
Mocha almond? Sign us up. We love Vive and this protein bar is no exception. High in fibre and free from dairy, this bar is covered in real Belgium dark chocolate and contains no artificial sweeteners. If you're a coffee addict like us, then you'll be totally obsessed with this sweet treat.
If the sweet taste of maple is your thing, then you'll be obsessed with this bar. Vegan, gluten free and packed with 13 grams of protein, this peanutty number is super tasty and will leave you ready to tackle your next workout. Bonus points for the fact they contain no artificial ingredients or palm oil.

Our Fave Vegan Friendly Protein Bars.

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Keeping your eye on your pennies is an essential part of uni, which might mean cutting down on the takeaways and meal deals (sorry!). Prepping your own lunch to take into uni requires some handy storage and we love this set from Huski. The perfect lunchbox and travel mug duo, this set is made from recycled rice husks, meaning it's a great option for the planet, too.
Keeping that phone charged is essential, especially on those long days from the library straight to the pub. This rose gold portable charger is a steal, plus it's designed to charge your phone super quickly, making it ideal when you're in a hurry. Bonus point for how super slim it is too.
Once you've got your meal ideas ready, it's time to prep them accordingly. Making use of the ingredients you buy at the start of the week is the best hack when it comes to preventing money + food wastage. This wall planner from @paperchaseuk is a great way to plan your week in food out - from brekkie to dinner - and it will look adorable in your room/kitchen.

Back To Uni Essentials You Need In Your Life.

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If magical realism is your thing, then this book is for you. Centred around a magical library that allows you to enter the lives of the characters that live within it, this novel looks at how choices affect your life - and if you'd rather trade yours in to be someone else. A Sunday Times No 1 Bestseller, this makes for the perfect bit of escapism for those autumnal evenings.
British author Candace Carty Williams published her debut novel, Queenie, in 2019 and it has been a hit for readers ever since. Detailing the trials and tribulations of the book's namesake character, Queenie is a super likeable heroine who will have a place in your heart long after you finish reading. This book tackles subjects like race, class and mental health and it's an ESSENTIAL read for any woman out there.
Unique friendships make some of the best plot ;ines, and this book has exactly that. Telling the story of 17 year old Lenni and 83 year old Margot, this tale is heartwarming and emotional in equal measures. The special bond between the two unlikely besties may have you welling up, but your heart will be well and truly FULL after you finish turning the pages.

10 Feelgood Books To Fend Off The Autumn Blues

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If you're looking for a little rub down action with your partner, this vegan friendly massage oil by So Divine is the perfect thing for you. Scented with fig and sandalwood, this sensual oil is sexy, sweet and ready to upgrade your intimate time, tenfold. Plus, you can grab it now for just £1.99 on their site - what a bargain.
Wearing underwear that makes you feel sexy as hell in the bedroom is an essential part of having feel good sex. We're obsessed with @fruitybootyunderwear - all of their undies are made from deadstock + sustainably sourced materials, making them as planet friendly as possible. You can choose from a whole range of underwear that comes arrives without plastic, too - Fruity Booty have a zero single use plastic policy throughout their supply chain. What a DREAM.
Eco friendly sex toys? Who knew. Gaia have made the world's first biodegradable bullet vibrator, made from plant based material, Biofeel. This toy also creates less greenhouse gas emission than any other out there, plus it's rechargable via a USB cable. Not convinced? This review from Pabo says it all: "Excellent price and rechargeable, discreet for taking everywhere. The vibration modes are wowww".

How To Make Your Sex Life More Sustainable.

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As the theme song goes, everyone needs good neighbours. Whether these are next door, or just your group of close friends and family, borrowing and lending is a great way to waste less and save more. From kitchen utensils, to those tins you aren't using in the back of the cupboard, to clothes, swapping and sharing is another super simple way you can save some pennies. Because, let's face it, there are SO many things you only need to use once in a while - why not share it and split the cost?
Being strategic with your weekly menu is an excellent way to save the pennies easily. Whilst popping into the shops on your way home from work might be easier, often it means you'll end up much more food waste. Planning your weekly shop means you can buy exactly what you need and use those ingredients night by night, rather than being more spontaneous and ending up throwing out half the contents of your fridge.
Rather than splashing cash on new clothes, you can find some absolute gems in local charity and second hand shops. From basics to quirky going out outfits, you can find a whole load of gems - British Red Cross even have a Zara section. If you want something specific but don't fancy paying a fortune for it, you can even use a fashion rental platform like Loanhood or Hirestreet to loan some glam pieces, without the commitment. This is much better for the environment, too.

How To Be Sustainable On A Budget.

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Turn some old buckets into super cute garden decor with this simple hack. These homemade plant pots are a gorge way to house your fave plants + flowers, plus it saves on buying brand new ones from those expensive garden centres. Bonus points for uniqueness.
If you've got some old dusty ladders kicking about in your garage, why not try your hand at making this super chic clothing rack? Admittedly, this is a step up from decorating a glass jar, but who doesn't love a challenge? Grab a tin of paint, some sanding paper and a nail gun and you're ready to revamp your room.
Why buy wrapping paper when you can use what you have at home? Save up any old magazines to use as gift wrap - it will look super unique and it gives new life to paper that would otherwise be heading straight to the recycling bin. TIP: the likes of Vogue, Glamour and Cosmopolitan will look super chic, but the real life magazines could be great for a giggle.

How To Revamp Your Rubbish: A Guide To Upcycling.

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We love a brand that takes action and @knickeyofficial is definitely one of these. All of their underwear is made with certified organic cotton - plus, they have the most incredible recycling programme that allows you to turn old underwear into new materials like insulation, carpet padding and furniture batting. We love the fact that they have published their 2021 Sustainability Impact Report on site, too - it's super refreshing to see REAL facts and figures behind the word sustainable.
Founded by Joanna Ketterer in 2008, @luvahuva is a sustainable underwear brand based in Brighton. Joanna's background in textiles and passion for eco friendly, handcrafted clothing inspired her to these create beautiful garments. All Luva Huva orders are made from scratch, using local suppliers and producers whenever possible. Plus, all packaging is 100% plastic free and garments are made to ANY size. Bonus points for inclusivity.
Winner of Marie Claire's Best Sustainable Underwear Brand, Nudea's mission is to 'create supportive and functional underwear that looks great, feels great and is kinder to the planet'. Their underwear is created using recycled materials, all packaging is fully biodegradable and the brand is fully carbon neutral. We also love that the brand give customers a laundry bag to help ensure garments last as long as possible - now that's amazing attention to detail.

Top 5 Sustainable Underwear Brands We're Obsessed With.

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One scroll through TikTok and you will be greeted with hundreds of products that promise to change your life. Whilst it can be super exciting to try out and test new things, minimalising your beauty routine is a key way you can take a slower approach to your lifestyle. Investing in the basics and reminding yourself to buy what you need, rather than what you want will help to streamline your routine.
It's fairly obvious that making more penny conscious decisions will help your finances, but have you ever considered how it can help the planet too? It can be really tempting to have a stroll around Home Bargains and fill your basket with things - but how much of that do you need? Whilst it's easy to disassociate from, everything you purchase has had its own life cycle of production, manufacturing and transportation, all of which will have negatively impacted the planet in multiple ways.
Much like cooking from scratch, becoming a self confessed 'plant mom' can do wonders. Why not try growing your own herbs or veggies? Not only can you incorporate these into your cooking, the process of growth will help you really appreciate the journey that produce takes to get from the ground to your plate. Also, all that greenery will help to reduce CO2 from the atmosphere, meaning you can play your own part in the climate change battle, from your own home.

Top 5 Slow Living Tips For The Summer.

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Did you know your hair is more vulnerable when wet, meaning taking care of your hair once you've washed it is extremely important for healthier hair. The split ends and frustrating frizz you may be experiencing could be down to the towel you're drying your hair with. Swapping to a cotton hair towel could be the saviour you’re looking for. These Gudrun Sjoden towels are made from 100% cotton, locking in moisture, delivering post-shower luxury, anti-frizz effects and helps to prevent breakage.
From ingredients to packaging, every aspect of this business has considered sustainability and like us, all their products are manufactured in England. The Khali Min Rescue Oil is a weightless blend of pure oils that deeply nourishes and softens hair. The perfect final touch to your haircare routine! Or use as an overnight treatment to aid hair health and growth by applying from roots to ends, gently massaging into the scalp and leaving overnight for a restorative, luxurious hair treatment.
If you use hair tools like straighteners, blow dryers, curlers etc, it’s super important to protect your hair from heat damage. This Complete Instant Recovery Serum works to strengthen hair and repair its outer shaft while protecting it from heat of up to 230 degrees. This miracle pot includes niacinamide and hemisqualane to help support and repair hair strength, as well as includes lemon protein which bonds to hair to defend against heat and environmental damage.

Ultimate Eco-Friendly Haircare Routine.

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Have you ever dried your hair, just to be met with that horrible waxy feeling coating your locks? This can be caused formula residue left to coat your strands of hair, much of which comes from silicones and parabens. Not only does this leave your hair feeling horrible, it also prevents products from actually reaching your hair, as each strand is being covered in this waxy coating. Luckily for you, our bars are totally silicone free, meaning you won't be left with lank, heavy hair.
If you're a curly girl, you'll know that the average hair routine doesn't apply to you. From wavy locks to afro hair, curls require a more in depth, nourishing routine to ensure that hair is kept in great condition. Fortunately, our shampoo bars are curly girl method approved, meaning they can be used on all kinds of hair types. Our bars have been raved over by curly content creators like @curlyzia and @ , who have featured our bars in their routines a TONNE of times.
Many of us are looking for ways we can help our locks. Well, guess what, our shampoo bars can help with that, too. Our Extra Thickening shampoo bar went viral on TikTok as a total hair growth hero; it's formula helps to strengthen the hair, preventing breakages and promoting growth. The key to hair growth is keeping your locks in the best condition - and that's exactly what our bars do.

How Can My Hair Benefit From Shampoo Bars?

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No summer wardrobe is complete without a hair accessory and this adorable bandana from @monikathelabel will not only shade your head from the sun, but make you look super cool while doing so. It’s the perfect summer accessory for everyday wear, with a hint of Wild West inspo. Monika The Label is a love affair between Cali cool and east London grunge, Monika, the founder, is inspired by all things 70s, designing incredible sustainable collections for wild-hearted women.
What’s a summer wardrobe without linen trousers? These gorgeous lilac linen trousers, paired with its coordinating linen puff sleeve top is a summer outfit dream, stunning for special occasions or dressed separately for casual outings. All @beforejuly0677 pieces are designed and handmade in founder, Elisa Jaycott’s UK studio. The brand releases 1-2 collections per year, creating timeless statement pieces that can be worn season after season, lasting wayyy longer than just one trend cycle.
These Isla Risa bags have taken Instagram by storm, these bags have been everywhere and rightly so. The brand embodies joy, togetherness, warmth and humanity and their pieces are sculptural, tactile and just absolute works of art. In a fabulous range of colours and designs, these bags are perfect for every season and every occasion. All bags are handmade by founder and award winning handbag designer, Emma Garner, making them super special and eco-friendly due to the small quantity production.

Slow Fashion Faves: Summer Edition.

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To finish off your routine, it's essential to lock in that hydration with a nourishing moisturiser. Our Whipped Vanilla Cocoa Body Butter is perfect for nourishing and soothing the skin post shave; it contains 3 naturally hydrating oils, which help to leave skin super soft and smelling incredible. Our body butter has become a mega best seller, and it's no wonder why. Smooth, glowing skin, without the plastic waste? What's not to love.
Now time for the main event. We can guarantee you've never experienced a razor like ours before. Designed with one blade to reduce friction, our Full Body Safety Razor gives a super smooth shave, all whilst minimising the chance of itchy, razor bump filled skin. It's no wonder it was awarded Cosmopolitan's Top Hair Removal Device in their 2021 Summer Beauty Awards and named Good Housekeeping's Best Plastic Free Shaving Subscription Service.
Next step is lathering up. Rather than opting for a harshly fragranced, shaving foam, or a cheap, drying shower gel, grab one of our Super Moisturising Shea Butter Soap Bars. They are created using raw African Shea Butter, which helps to nourish the skin as you clean. Completely free from drying ingredients like SLS, Paraben and Phthalates, our bars make for the perfect shaving companion - just add water and watch as they create the perfect lather.

Your Ultimate Plastic Free Shaving Routine.

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This cotton shower puff is eco-friendly and made using certified organic cotton, designed with people and the planet in mind. The organic cotton helps exfoliate skin, remove dead skin cells and leaves skin soft and dirt free. Regular shower puffs are commonly made from nylon as it is rough, stretchy and durable however nylon is a type of plastic that is derived from crude oil through an intensive chemical process which has devastating impacts on wildlife and the environment.
Our soaps don't just cleanse your skin, they nourish it too. Upgrade from your regular plastic bottled shower gel and level up to our Super Rich Shea Butter Soap Bars. Shower gels are not only bad for the environment due to their plastic packaging and single use nature, they also mostly contain ingredients that are harmful to the body like parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate and dioxane. Our famous soap bars are 100% plastic free, vegan, cruelty free, SLS free and they’re made in the UK.
There's no sustainable shower routine without a plastic free razor and we’ve got a special one. Our Full Body Safety Razor is the ultimate bathroom accessory for any eco conscious goddess. These razors are made to LAST! No need to buy another razor in a couple of months time, this razor will see you through, with you only needing to replace the blades, but don't worry - we have a blade subscription for that!

Green Your Shower Routine: Sustainable Shower Swaps.

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Cost effectivity is SO important at the moment. We're all looking for ways we can save the pennies and invest in things that will keep us better off, money wise, in the long run. Our soap bars are triple milled, which means they last 3 times longer than the average soap bar. If you're still hesitant to ditch the £1 shower gel in your local supermarket, we've got good news for you, too. Our bars can last up to 2 months, which is miles longer than bottled soap.
Alongside sustainability and quality, we don't compromise on ethics either. All of our soap bars (and every product we make) are 100% cruelty free and vegan friendly. Our production process consisted of testing on our (willing) friends and family instead of animals because we don't think they should suffer for the sake of top level skincare.
Have you ever unpacked your luggage after a long flight to find that your clothes, shoes and everything in between are covered in sticky scented shower gel? We feel you. Our soap bars are perfect to take travelling - they are super compact and spillages are 100% guaranteed NOT to occur. Just top them in one of our storage tins and you're ready to go. Plus, we all know the struggle of trying to keep your liquid allowance in check when you're flying with just hand luggage.

5 Reasons Why Soap Bars Are The Way Forward.

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Plastic is cluttering our oceans and killing marine life, largely as a result of single use plastics and excessive packaging. But what can we do as consumers? The answer - avoid plastic! Many great brands are paving the way for the beauty industry, creating amazing plastic free products with good ingredients and a mission to save the planet. Ditch the plastic - swap out plastic packaged beauty products for products in paper or cardboard packaging, or products with a refillable scheme.
Although the increasing public consciousness surrounding sustainability and reducing plastic pollution is extremely encouraging and positive, many cosmetics brands are using this as an opportunity to use greenwashing tactics. What in the world is greenwashing you ask? Greenwashing, also known as ‘green sheen’ is a form of marketing spin in which green PR and marketing are deceptively used to persuade the public that an organisation's products, aims and policies are environmentally friendly.
Plastic in the ocean isn't the only problem the beauty industry is faced with - there are also certain ingredients found in beauty products that are extremely harmful to the planet. Some of the chemicals hidden in our skincare products may be having a harmful effect on the environment. Many of us know what ingredients we are looking for when we are skincare shopping - think Hyaluronic acid, Green Tea Extract and Vitamin C - but there are certain ingredients we should be avoiding.

The Ugly Side Of Beauty: The Beauty Industry's Effect On Our Oceans And Excessive Plastic Usage.

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Whilst many of us are aware of the major plastic packaging issues, the micro plastics problem can sometimes slip under the radar. Micro plastics are defined as 'extremely small pieces of plastic debris in the environment resulting from the disposal and breakdown of consumer products and industrial waste.' All of our skincare products are completely free from micro plastics , meaning you can rid your skincare routine from ALL types of plastic.
There are a whole host of body moisturisers out there - but most of them are caked in plastic. Considering the fact that plastic can take over a 1000 years to decompose, those tubes and bottles can have a major environmental impact once you've finished rubbing yourself down. If you're looking for a plastic free swap, make sure to grab our Whipped Vanilla Cocoa Body Butter. Not only is it 100% plastic free, it is also created with 3 naturally hydrating oils and is cruelty free and vegan.
Whether it's sheet masks or clay masks packaged in plastic tubes, getting your weekly skincare treatment to help your face AND the planet is no easy task. If you're looking to eliminate plastic from your facial routine, then look no further - both of our face masks are completely plastic free. Choose between our masks - both are packaged in amber glass jars with aluminium lids, meaning you don't have to add to the plastic problem when it comes to your self care routine.

How To Reduce Plastic In Your Skincare Routine.

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In the UK alone, 520 million shampoo bottles are thrown away every year, shocking right? Hair and skincare bottles are often overlooked when discussing environmental impacts of consumer products due to them being mostly recyclable, however, this doesn't mean they are recycled. Shampoo bars are an amazing sustainable swap for liquid shampoo and our performance led bars are vegan friendly, suitable for all hair types and smell absolutely incredible.
Planet or plastic? Within our daily routines is an opportunity to ditch the plastic and swap to a sustainable alternative. If we each use one plastic toothbrush every three months in the UK, we are disposing of approximately 200 million brushes each year and research has shown that it can take 400 years for a plastic toothbrush to begin to break down into micro plastics.
Plastic use in the cosmetic industry is a major problem and 79% of people in the UK have purchased a deodorant as part of their weekly shopping, that's around 50 million people, all purchasing products with single use plastic. Swapping to a sustainable deodorant may be daunting because we all know what works for us but there are many sustainable deodorant brands out there that are backed by science, made with natural ingredients and provide serious protection from odour.

Ditch The Plastic: Sustainable Swaps For Plastic Free July | nuddy.

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Plastic Free July was started by the founder of the Plastic Free Foundation, Rebecca Prince-Ruiz and a small team in Western Australia back in 2011, and has now grown to become one of the most influential environmental campaigns in the world. Millions of people take part each year, committing to reduce plastic pollution throughout the month of July and beyond.
Throughout the whole of Plastic Free July, we will be running our very own virtual Plastic Free Festival, jam packed with loads of informative content, challenges, and exclusive discounts on all of our plastic free ranges. We are running our very own Sustainable Summer blog campaign, which will feature our top tips, plastic free product swaps, and interviews with specialists within the environmentalism sphere.
Horror stories about plastic bottles washing up on remote islands and turtles ingesting plastic straws come to mind at the very mention of plastic waste, but let's discuss the facts. Did you know that every piece of plastic created STILL exists today? Even recycling is not the solution - only 9% of plastic ever made has been recycled. With 79% of plastic ending up in landfills or the environment, reducing your plastic footprint as much as possible is the BEST thing you can do for the planet.

What Is Plastic Free July?

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If you're looking to cut back on your plastic waste, then why not start today? There are some great plastic free brands out there (ourselves included, of course), plus there are SO many ways you can repurpose your current plastic beauty products. Why not check out our blog post on 5 ways you can reduce plastic in your beauty routine? Make sure to follow @plasticfreebeautyday and keep your eyes peeled over on @nuddyofficial and @nuddydiaries for our upcoming Plastic Free July content.
Here at nuddy, we're super proud to be 100% plastic free. All of our products are packaged in FSC certified cardboard, amber glass jars or aluminium tins, meaning you have one less plastic to worry about when you place your order. If you're looking for a brand that won't contribute to plastic pollution, all without compromising on quality, then nuddy is for you. You can even check out our full plastic free skincare routine here.
Yolanda Cooper is the CEO of sustainable beauty brand, We Are Paradoxx, who have plastic free packaging at the heart of everything they do. She started Plastic Free Beauty Day in 2019, in order to raise awareness about just how much the beauty industry contributes to the global issue of plastic pollution, through education and action. The day highlights the importance of repurposing and reducing plastic, rather than relying on recycling.

Everything You Need To Know About Plastic Free Beauty Day

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Another practical way you can help look after our oceans is by supporting ocean friendly organisations. UK based charities such as The Marine Conservation Society, Surfers Against Sewage and Sea Shepherd UK are great for educational resources and assistance with other ways you can help look after our oceans. You could even set up your own ocean saving fundraiser - the world is your oyster!
One really important way to look after our oceans is by ensuring the products that end up in our waterways are safe from toxic ingredients. Opting for cleaning products and hair/body care items that are free from paraben/phthalates/SLS helps to prevent damaging chemicals from harming ecosystems and marine life. Luckily for you, all our soap and shampoo bars are completely free from all of these ingredients, meaning you can get premium hair and skincare, without compromising the planet.
Conserving water means more H20 can be maintained in our ecosystems. From wetlands to our seas, the more water that's left for the environment, the better. Plus, the less water used in the home, the less wastewater that needs to be treated, which helps to conserve energy and resources, too. Try cutting down on the length of your showers, and make sure you don't leave water running whilst your brushing your teeth or washing up - every little helps!

5 Ways You Can Do Your Bit This World Oceans Day

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